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[FANFIC] Big Bang vs Dong Bang Shin Ki


Title: Big Bang vs Dong Bang Shin Ki

Rate: PG to NC

Genre: Mystery, fluff, angst, comedy

Length: Chapter 1/?

Cast: Big Bang, TVXQ, Beast, 2ne1, others

Pairing: G-Ri, YunJae, Yoosu, Todae

A/N: Hey! I come back after a long time for hiatus! xD~ I’m having holiday in my hometown. It’s really hot here -_- but I never give up writing!! And… HERE!! My new fanfic!! Hope you like this and please bless me so my fic can be solved on time!! XD~


You might not judge the other. Just because you are all different each other or you are the strongest, or you are the most perfection, it didn’t mean you can make a war as like your desire…..

When the war began, what could you do? Nothing you could do. You just watched the bloods flowing in front of your eyes. No, you only watched the bloods making their way to sink you.

When the strongest appearances decided to begin the war, it meant the end of the world. End of your existence in the earth. Nobody could hold back the war. No, there were still two guys who could hold this war back. Did they realize it? Or they just let the war happen?

Let’s pray…..

Character Guide:

Big Bang is a popular leader which led the werewolves. They managed all werewolves’ existence so that humans didn’t realize their existence. They also kept all the werewolves from vampires.

They included of:


He was the main leader at the first place. He was wise, kind-heart, friendly, but strict. He kept all the werewolves around the world. He was the protector of the werewolves from the vampires. He made a relation with the wizards to help them in order the vampires couldn’t find them. He had a lover named Seungri.


He was the minor leader. Even if G-Dragon got some business, TOP would replace his position. He was charming, funny, kind, helpful, but as like G-Dragon he was strict. He had a lover named Daesung.


His name meant the ‘Sun’. He was the shine for the werewolves when they dropped in the fairness. He was the adviser for the leaders. All his advices always made a good solution when the werewolves got any troubles. He either suggested the hiding place in order to hide the werewolf populations from the vampires.


He was a young boy who was found by G-Dragon. He almost died because of his illness. Yet, G-Dragon saved him and changed him into a werewolf too and took him out as his lover. He was the only one who expected so that the war between werewolf and vampire could be ended soon. He was the only who never joined when there was a war. And he was the only who had a fellow vampire, Hero Jaejoong.


He was TOP’s lover. He was already with TOP since they were child. They loved each other and nobody could ruin their relation because of their affection. He has the beautiful smile around all the werewolves. Though he was a werewolf, he was really religious. Nobody knew the way he prayed.

They were all really important for Big Bang to keep and maintain all werewolves around the world. If one of them lost, it meant the end of the werewolves’ existence.

Dong Bang Shin Ki, which was meant ‘The Gods from the East’, was the strongest vampire around the world. They led all vampires around the world so that their existence wasn’t known by human. They also led the attack of the werewolves.

They were included of:

-U-Know Yunho

He was the main leader, the strongest, the most perfection vampire at all. He kept the existence of the vampires. He was the leader when there was a war. Because of his status as a leader-perfect vampire, he became a bit arrogant. But, everyone obeyed and respected him because of his service as long his existence. He had a lover named Hero Jaejoong.

-Micky Yoochun

He was Yunho’s cousin. He always helped Yunho when they got some obstacles. He never felt annoyed because of Yunho’s attitude which was a bit arrogant. Besides, Yunho always respected Yoochun because of Yoochun’s hands. He had a lover named Xiah Junsu.


He was the adviser for Yunho. He was the smartest vampire as long as their existence. His plans for against the werewolves never failed. Because of him, the population of the werewolves decreased so much. Nobody could attack his cleverness.

-Hero Jaejoong

He was the pretty vampire ever. Yunho turned him into a vampire when he found Jaejoong was almost raped. Because of his status as ex-human, he still had a bit feeling as human; the mercy, the love, hopeless, and so. That was why he never liked the war between vampires and werewolves. He never liked to attack another. He wanted to live in a peaceful place. That was why he became Seungri’s friend. Seungri and he had a dream to end this war.


He was the innocent vampire between them. He was the one who didn’t know that werewolves was exists. He was the one who was protected because of his pureness. He had the energy which was more than Yunho had but Junsu didn’t know about it. DBSK protected him because they believed Junsu was the next generation who could lead vampires around the world.


Seungri is the youngest in Big Bang. Everybody wants to protect him since he’s too innocent. Even he’s a werewolf, he never supposes to hate vampire. He hates the war between vampire and werewolf and expects to end it, though everybody says the war is never end.

One shining full moon, Dong Bang Shin Ki is going to hunt the werewolf, Seungri. They know Seungri is too weak involved in the war. They kidnapped Seungri. But Jaejoong, he has the same thought as Seungri. He doesn’t like the war too. Jaejoong helps Seungri to run away. But it instead brings a bigger trouble both vampire or werewolf, and any supernatural creatures else.

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