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BigBangShinKi is Possible

Februari 6, 2011 Tinggalkan komentar

I guess most of u have read the article about SeungRi and Junsu right? My friend and I just suddenly have an idea of the collaboration between these two groups. Hotness overloaded is for sure ^^

These are just some random things we can think of:

Junsu + SeungRi
SeungRi is a fan boy of Junsu
Each is the cutest in their group
Both are �abused�/ �bullied� by their hyungs

Junsu + TOP
Both don�t do their house chores

Junsu + GD

Junsu + DaeSung
Cold jokes

Junsu + TaeYang

JaeJoong + SeungRi
The cook of the group

JaeJoong + TOP
They are the oldest but not the leaders

JaeJoong + GD
Both are witty with their answers
Both are kings of camwhore ^__^
Love beanies

JaeJoong + DaeSung
Don�t know how to swim

JaeJoong + TaeYang
Birthmarks on neck

Yunho + SeungRi

Yunho + TOP

Yunho + GD
Great leaders and care for their members

Yunho + DaeSung

Yunho + TaeYang
Best dancers

YooChun + SeungRi

YooChun + TOP

YooChun + GD
They love dogs ^^

YooChun + DaeSung
They easily get emotinal (when they receive awards)

YooChun + TaeYang

ChangMin + SeungRi
Youngest in their groups
�Ya Dong� Both have some �issues� with porn movies ^___^

ChangMin + TOP
Love to eat
The tallest ones
ChangMin + GD

ChangMin + DaeSung

ChangMin + TaeYang = TaeMin
Both are really quiet
Never have a gfr before
Cornrow hairstyle

Common facts:
Junsu, GD, TaeYang: train for 6 years before debut
When they debut, both created a storm in the music industry
GD, TY, CM are born in the same year 1988
BB and DBSK both have CF for Fila
Uniform CF
Both appeared on gag concert
Tickets are sold out in a short time
GD, Micky, Jae have tattoos
Each member of both group have their solo songs
Won DaeSang in Seoul Music Awards
TOP, YC, ChangMin: KyungHee University
There�re 2 rappers in both groups
Yunho, GD have activities before debut
Both have the song �Babo� in their album

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