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2NE1 ‘I am the Best’ Official Music Video Released!

2NE1 ‘I am the Best’ Official Music Video Released!.

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FF/YunJae in Neverland/NC17

Title: YunJae in Neverland
Genre: Yaoi, Family, Fluff
Rate: NC17
Pairing: Yunho x Jaejoong, Jaejoong x Yunho
Length: One Shoot
-U-Know Yunho as Peter Pan a.k.a Yunho Pan
– Hero Jaejoong as Wendy Darling a.k.a Jaejoong Darling
-Micky Yoochun as Michael Darling a.k.a Yoochun Darling
-Xiah Junsu as Jack Darling a.k.a Junsu Darling
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine at all 😦 i just remade the characters from Peter Pan tale.. at least this fic is MINE *lol*
Yunho Pan is from Neverland, a palace where you never grow up. One night, Yunho Pan picks up Jaejoong Darling and his two young brothers to go to Neverland. He asks Jaejoong Darling to be a mother for the lost boys in Neverland. Yet, there’s Captain Sooman and his pirates, The Super Junior, who hate Yunho Pan too much. They kidnap Jaejoong and the lost boys so that Yunho Pan will give up for them.
This story was full of love story among Jaejoong Darling and Yunho Pan. It’s the sinful love of two young boys….

“Changmin-ah, I am very mercy of the lost boys. I guess they need a mother to conduct them,” Yunho grumbled.
“Ee? Why can you guess like that?” Changmin asked unbelief.
“Sometimes, they don’t hear me. They need someone who can order them well,” Yunho replied anxiously.
“So, what will you do? Do you want to find a mother in Neverland? You won’t get it.”
“Not in Neverland. May be, the mother is in the other worlds.”
“Do you want to find a mother at the other worlds?” Changmin looked unbelivable.
“Yes, I do. Besides, I have looked for the mother before. I think that guy can be a good mother for the lost boys,” Yunho grimaced certainly.
“Who’s that?”
“His name is Jaejoong Darling. He lives in Seoul. He has 2 young brothers. He’s a good-looking to become a mother.”
“Is he a boy?” Changmin was shocked. “How can a boy be a mother?”
“Believe in me, Changmin. I know what I have to do. Moreover, I believe that Jaejoong is the best. I have watched him,” Yunho told Changmin believably.
“Well, up to you. I always keep the faith among us.”


One midnight summer in Jaejoong’s bedroom, there was a young boy who was crying. Jaejoong was woken up and he came closer to the crying boy.
“Why are you crying?” Jaejoong asked.
“I am hungry. I haven’t eaten since 3 days,” Yunho roared.
“Poor boy. Let me bring you some foods,” Jaejoong said. He went out from his bedroom and took some foods for the crying boy.
While Jaejoong went out, Yunho was talking with his fairy, Changmin Bell. “I think he can be a good mother for the lost boys. What do you think, Changmin?” Yunho asked.
“Yeah, I think so.,” Changmin replied with his bell-voice. “He has a good-looking to conduct them.”
Yunho felt that Jaejoong was closely. “Changmin, hide! He is coming!” Yunho told Changmin deeply. Then, Jaejoong came into with a full-dish-of-food.
“Eat this!” Jaejoong said. Yunho received and ate the food. “By the way, who are you? Why you can enter to my bedroom?” Jaejoong asked.
Yunho gulped down the food then he answered, “I’m Yunho Pan. I’m from Neverland. And I’ve lost to your bedroom.”
“Neverland? I never hear about that. Where is that?” Jaejoong asked more interested.
“It’s so far. It isn’t in this world. Neverland is in the other worlds. You can see many characters like mermaids, fairy, wizard, pirates, and many more in Neverland,” Yunho told Jaejoong.
“Really? Wow, I’m interested! Could I follow you to Neverland?” Jaejoong asked hopefully. His doe-black eyes were shining beneath the gloomy lights.
Yunho was nervous. “Of course you can. I’m so glad if you wanna follow me to Neverland, Jaejoong-ah,” Yunho said. He smiled gently and made Jajoong to feel something tremble is his body.
“Before that, let me introduce you my fairy. Changmin-ah, you can show yourself now,” Yunho shouted steady. Changmin flew deeply from the under bed. His body shone brightly.
“Omo~ he’s so gorgeous,” Jaejoong shocked when he saw Changmin Bell.
“Look!” Yunho yelled. He stood up and his body was taken off slowly.
“You’re flying!” Jaejoong yelled shocked. “I wanna fly too.” Then, Changmin flew around Jaejoong. He spread gold powder to Jaejoong’s body.
“We can go to Neverland now!” Yunho said.
“Yet, may I take my brothers too?” Jaejoong asked innocently.
Yunho thought for a while. “Yes, you can,” Yunho repaid.
Jaejoong ran into his young brothers’ bedroom and woke them up. “Junsu-ya! Yoochun-ah! Wake up now! We’re going to fly to Neverland now!” Jaejoong drew his two young brothers.
Junsu and Yoochun were woken up. They hadn’t realized what happened yet. Their elder brother drew them out. Then, Changmin spread the gold powder around Junsu and Yoochun. They just flew too! Moreover, they looked very shocked.
“Hold on! We’re going to fly to Neverland!” Yunho ordered. Yunho hugged Jaejoong deeply. Meanwhile, Yoochun held on Jaejoong’s leg and Junsu held on Yoochun’s leg.
“It’s too gorgeous, Yunho-ssi,” Jaejoong grimaced. Yunho felt that his blood flew swiftly when Jaejoong grimaced. He thought that Jaejoong looked very beautiful and sexy. Do I love him? Yunho guessed.

They landed on Neverland, in front of the tree house where Yunho, Changmin, and the lost boys lived. The lost boys soon welcomed. They looked hopefully when they looked at Jaejoong.
“Would you be our mom?” the lost boy begged.
Jaejoong looked uncertainly. “Yet, I’m a boy. Moreover, I have no experience to be a mother,” Jaejoong said. The lost boys were very anxious. Jaejoong felt so touching. “I’ll try as well as I can, dear,” Jaejoong repaid smiled.
“Horaaayyy!! Jaeme! Yunpa!” the lost boys shouted happily.
“Wait! What do you mean Jaema and Yunpa, boys?” Yunho screamed.
“You’re our appa and Jaejoong is our umma,” the boys replied simply. Jaejoong had no comment while Yunho’s face was going crimson! They all laughed.
“Hey, Jae hyung! I wanna call you Jaema too, don’t I?” Junsu asked. “I do too!” Yoochun linked.
“I never care what you wanna call me, bro,” Jaejoong repaid carelessly.

Yunho invited Jaejoong walk-to-walk while Junsu and Yoochun were playing with the lost boys. Changmin was going and playing with his own fairy-friends. He drove Jaejoong to look around their home. They were so quiet!
“Well, how long have you stayed here?” Jaejoong asked, finally.
“I haven’t remembered it yet. You never grow up in Neverland,” Yunho repaid.
“Never grow up? So, you’re still a teen, aren’t you?” Jaejoong asked unbelievably.
“Yup. Anyway, have you ever seen mermaids?”
“Not yet. But I wanna see them.”
“Follow me, dear. I wanna see you the mermaids.”
Jaejoong’s face was going crimson when Yunho called him ‘dear’. Luckily, Yunho didn’t recognize it. They walked to a big lake. The habitat around the lake was beautiful. Some fairies were playing around.
“Annyeong, Changmin-ah!” Yunho waved his hands toward Changmin.
“Yunho Pan! Jaejoong Darling! What are you doing here?” Changmin said charmed.
“We’re looking around. Jaejoong wants to see mermaids too,” Yunho repaid.
“Ah…take fun, Jaejoong-ah. Look, don’t focus when you hear the mermaids sing. It’s a danger. Annyeong!” Changmin warned and blazzz… he lost.
“Mermaid’s songs are so tight. You could be hypnotized when you hear that they are singing,” Yunho told Jaejoong. He nodded. They walked forward to the edge of the lake. Yunho asked Jaejoong to duck beside him.
“Look here! Come on!” Yunho pointed in to the lake. The flashes of mermaids had floated.
“They’re so beautiful,” Jaejoong was astonished. Yunho felt the strange feeling immediately when he saw at Jaejoong’s doe-black eyes, which shone watching the mermaids.
“Jaejoongie,” Yunho called. He held on Jaejoong’s wrist. “Look at me just for awhile, please,” he begged. Jaejoong looked at Yunho’s eyes. It made Yunho lost his awareness. Jaejoong’s doe-eyes were more beautiful. His crimson lips… his pale-sexy skin…
“What’s going on?” Jaejoong asked.
Yunho got closer to Jaejoong. Jaejoong didn’t reject against. Yunho smirked then he kissed on Jaejoong’s lips gently. Jaejoong was surprised. Yet Yunho roughly sucked Jaejoong’s lips more. He licked around Jaejoong’s mouth. Jaejoong had no chance to reply against that kiss. Yunho was stronger than he was. They did it more and more. There are much whimpering and roaring.
“I do love you, Jaejoongie,” Yunho whispered. Jaejoong hummed. He enjoyed the way Yunho kissed him. Even though, he felt in love with Yunho Pan too.
“It’s a sin, Yunho-ya. We shall not do this,” Jaejoong mumbled among their kissing.
“No sin is in Neverland, dear. Let me be your boy,” Yunho embraced Jaejoong roughly. He sucked Jae’s nape and gave him some red marks. Jaejoong crushed Yunho’s hair and attempted to make good that kissing. Yunho’s hands slipped into Jae’s t-shirt and caressed his back gently.
“You’re so naughty, Yunho Pan,” Jaejoong moaned. “Someday, I will give you a punishment.”
“I want your punishment, baby,” Yunho whispered. He sucked Jaejoong’s nape and nibbled it.
“Ouch!” Jaejoong roared. He got bleeding because Yunho bit him roughly. Yunho licked his blood and sucked it more and more. “Huh…you’re so tight, Yunho,” Jaejoong wheezed.

Changmin appeared suddenly. “What the fuck! What are you doing, boys?!” Changmin screamed shocked. Yunho got off his embrace. “You both have deflowered my holy eyes!” Changmin screamed again. He closed his eyes with his little-fairy hand nauseated.
“Forgive us, Changmin-ah. Forgive us because you have to see what we were doing,” Yunho begged. He took Changmin on his palm and caressed him carefully.
“It’s ok, Changmin. We won’t do this in random place anymore,” Jaejoong said.
Yunho frowned. “We’ll do it again?” Yunho asked unbelievably. Jaejoong just grimaced.
“Stop it! I don’t want hear you talk about this in front of me!” Changmin screamed. Yunho and Jaejoong laughed.
“By the way, are you hungry, Changmin-ah?” Jaejoong asked randomly.
“Of course I am! I do fond food too much,” Changmin said.
“Let’s go home. I gonna cook for you and the lost boys,” Jaejoong suggested.
“Do you cook?” Yunho asked unbelief.
“Yes, I do. My brothers really fond my cooking,” Jaejoong repaid proudly.
“Oh God! You’re my perfect wife ever,” Yunho told Jaejoong and hugged him very close. He forgot that Changmin was in his palm! Poor fairy.
“We can go home now, can’t we?!” Changmin yelled while Yunho was hugging Jaejoong.
Yunho got off his embrace and smirked to Changmin. “You’re a talk active fairy,” he grumbled. Then they flew back to the tree house.

“Yunpa! Jaema!” the lost boys welcomed. “We have been waiting for you!”
“Hahaha… We’re sorry. There were some accidents while we were walking,” Yunho told them and smiled stupidly to Jaejoong and Changmin.
“Oh God!” Changmin kicked out.
“Well, I know that you’re all hungry, aren’t you? I am going to cook for you,” Jaejoong said liftness.
“Aye aye aye!” the lost boys shouted enthusiasm.
Jaejoong and Yunho went to the kitchen to prepare for cooking while Changmin and the lost boys were playing at the backyard.
“What will you cook for?” Yunho asked.
“I don’t know what they like. So, I may cook some meals,” Jaejoong repaid.
“Hmm… I suggest the chocolate biscuits. They love it too much. You can make it, can’t you?” Yunho begged.
“Of course I can. Well, I’m going to cook the chocolate biscuits,” Jaejoong said happily. He mixed eggs, powders, a bar of chocolate, and some materials into a bowl. He stirred it to be good dough. Yunho embraced him from back suddenly. He licked Jaejoong’s ears gently. Jaejoong felt tickled.
“Why do you do this, Yunho?” Jaejoong asked tickled.
“Because you always look sexy when you do something,” Yunho whispered. Both his hand caressed on Jaejoong’s chest.
“Stop, Yunho-ya. You make me can’t concentrate for cooking,” Jaejoong groaned.
“Well, give me a kiss before,” Yunho asked. Jaejoong turned around his body. He embraced Yunho’s shoulder and kissed him deeply. He sucked Yunho’s lips and licked around Yunho’s mouth. Sometimes, he nibbled Yunho’s tongue and made him wheezing.
Yunho crushed Jaejoong’s butt. He enjoyed for Jaejoong’s kissed. He wheezed when Jaejoong nibbled his lips. “Can we do more?” Yunho moaned.
“Not now, but the time will be come,” Jaejoong whispered. He kissed Yunho more roughly. He licked around Yunho’s face and sucked his eyes. Then, he ended his kissing with a big kiss mark on Yunho’s nape.
He got off his embracing from Yunho and smiled satisfied. “That’s enough. We shall make the meals, Yunnie,” Jaejoong told Yunho who looked tired. He grimaced and continued cooking.
(“I never know that Yunho Pan can do it,” the lost boy mumbled astonished. They watched what Yunho and Jaejoong were doing.
“Yeah, I never know Jae hyung can do it too,” Junsu said shocked.
“That’s enough, boys. Let us play again,” Changmin ordered the lost boys so that they didn’t peek anymore.)

“Boys, come on! I’ve already made you some chocolate biscuits,” Jaejoong yelled. The lost boys came in and took it, which was made by Jaejoong.
“It’s very delicious, Jaema,” the lost boys said.
“You should make it for us more and more,” the other lost boys repaid.
Yunho armed Jaejoong and smiled happily. “I’m sure that we can be good parents for them, can’t we?” Yunho asked him. Jaejoong smiled certainly.
“We’re going to look pirates tomorrow. What do you think?” Yunho asked the lost boys.
“Ay e aye, Yunpa!” the lost boys shouted together.
“After meal, you have to sleep. I will tell you a tale while you’re going to sleep,” Jaejoong told them.
“Aye aye, Jaema!” the lost boys shouted. Then, Jaejoong drove the lost boys to their bedroom and told them the tale of Cinderella.
“…Finally, Cinderella and the prince lived happily forever,” Jae ended the tale. He looked at the lost boys. They had been slept. He got out and went into his bedroom.

“I’ve been waiting for you, dear,” Yunho welcomed to Jaejoong. Yunho only wore a boxer without any t-shirt. He was naked to the waist.
Jaejoong frowned. “Are you sure?” Jaejoong teased.
Yunho walked approaching Jaejoong and put him into a corner of the wall. He licked Jae’s ear gently. “I’m very sure,” Yunho whispered. “Get closer, Jae. Don’t be afraid. It won’t hurt you,” he mumbled.
Jaejoong embraced Yunho roughly. He caressed on Yunho’s back row. He wheezed when Yunho licked around his face. “My naughty boy….hahh..,” Jaejoong moaned.


“Hey guys! Get up! I want to know what Yunpa and Jaema are doing!” Junsu got up the lost boys.
“Aye aye! I do too!” the lost boys shouted deeply. They walked slowly to Yunho and Jaejoong’s bedroom. They peeked inside and shocked of what they saw. They didn’t move out, but they stayed to see what their parents were doing.

Jaejoong tufted Yunho’s hair. He enjoyed the sensation, which was given by Yunho. Yunho sucked Jae’s lips, licked his face, kissed gently his eyes, and nibbled softly his nape. Jaejoong crushed Yunho’s butt. He turned to suck Yunho’s lips and gave him some red marks.
Yunho caressed Jaejoong’s back roughly. He tore Jae’s t-shirt and threw it rashly. Yunho’s hands embraced Jaejoong’s body and made them getting closer.
“Baby…. I love thiiiiss game…” Yunho moaned when Jaejoong sucked his nape.
“I wanna do more. Show me your young brother, dear,” Jaejoong whispered. Yunho got off his embrace and put off his boxer. He was nakedness now. Jae smiled slyly when he saw Yunho’s naked body. He looked so interested of Yunho’s junior, which had already tautened.
“C’mon, Jae. My young brother needs you,” Yunho seduced. Jaejoong smirked. He put off his jeans and got closer to Yunho.
Yunho was tightened when he saw Jaejoong’s body. His milky skin….. He never looked skin like this! Jaejoong Darling was the perfect guy ever! Yunho swore. He was shocked while his skin touched Jae’s skin. Their juniors tautened together.
“What’s wrong, Yunnie? Why are you so quiet?” Jaejoong asked. He was bewildered due to Yunho didn’t give any reaction.
“I am just… spellbound.. of you,” Yunho replied nervously.
Jaejoong grimaced. He took Yunho in his arm gently. “I am the one who can make you’re going spellbound, baby,” Jaejoong whispered tightly.
“Well, let me take this game first,” Yunho said. He drew Jaejoong to bed.
He embraced him roughly and licked Jae’s body tautly. He sucked Jaejoong’s nipples and nibbled it. Jaejoong tufted Yunho’s hair. He didn’t know that Yunho could be vicious on the bed. He groaned and moaned that made Yunho more vicious.
“Ouch!” Jaejoong groaned when Yunho sucked his junior off-the-cuff. Jaejoong tufted Yunho’s hair more roughly while Yunho was sucking it faster.

(“It’s nauseating,” Changmin murmured that he joined to watch what Jae and Yunho were doing.
“It’s cool! Jaejoong hyung is the most greatful to do that!” Yoochun screamed deeply.
“You’re right, Yoochunie,” Junsu agreed.)

“Yunho-ya! I can’t put this up!!” Jaejoong screamed. The cum got out and watered Yunho’s mouth. He liked it and kissed Jaejoong’s junior.
“You’re so gorgeous, Jaejoong Darling. I love you,” Yunho said exhausted. Then, he kissed Jaejoong gently although he was very exhausted. Jaejoong repaid his kissing.
Jaejoong turned around his position. He was on Yunho’s body now. He smiled stupidly. “It’s my turn, big boy,” Jaejoong said slyly.
Yunho grimaced. “I wanna know what you can do, pretty boy,” Yunho replied. Jaejoong smirked. How came Yunho called him ‘pretty boy’? It was annoying.
Jaejoong licked Yunho off-the-cuff. Yunho laughed deeply as his reaction. Jaejoong sucked on Yunho’s skin, somehow. Yunho took Jaejoong’s middle finger and sucked it. Jaejoong groaned deeply. He tried to let it and sucked Yunho’s nipple.
Jaejoong drew his finger. He licked on Yunho’s sexy stomach. His hands crushed Yunho’s twin nipples. Jae got more beneath. He looked Yunho’s twin balls and kissed them gently. He held Yunho’s big junior to shake it faster. Yunho groaned. Jaejoong shook it faster.
“Suck….it!!” Yunho ordered. Jaejoong sucked it roughly and faster. “Yeeess….more, Darling…. Ahhh… you’re so tighhttt,” Yunho groaned currently while Jaejoong was sucking his junior. “Nghhh…. Gotcha you, boy! Aaahhh,” Yunho screamed deeply. His cum spread around Jaejoong’s mouth.
They were so exhausted. Jaejoong moved and lied on Yunho’s chest. Yunho hugged him and they were slept in love.

(The lost boys went back to their bedroom and yelled happily. “YUNHO AND JAEJOONG DAEBAK!!”)

The lost boys sat around waiting for their breakfast. Jaejoong made porridges for them this morning.
“Jaema, did you get a grateful night with Yunpa?” Junsu asked stupidly.
Jaejoong frowned. “Of course I did, Junsu-ya. He’s a great boy,” Jaejoong repaid shyly.
“Aye aye! Our Yunpa makes Jaema more happily!” the lost boys shouted cheerfully. Both Jaejoong’s cheeks got crimson.
Then, Yunho and Changmin joined with them. Changmin soon flew approaching Jaejoong weakly. “Jaejoong, look at me. I am a little hungry fairy,” Changmin whimpered to Jaejoong intimately. “I know you’re a kind-hearted person. You care with other things like me…”
“Changmin-ah, just tell him what do you want. You don’t need to whimper like that,” Yunho said. They all laughed, except Changmin who felt ashamed by Yunho.
“Thus, I just want to ask for some foods. I may get it, may not I?” Changmin asked. He sighed and looked at Yunho unfriendly.
“You may take it as much as you want, Changmin-ah,” Jaejoong said gently. Changmin flew around Jaejoong happily so that the gold powders were spread around him.
Yunho came closer to Jaejoong and whispered, ”You look so awesome with that powder, baby. May be I’ll ask it from Changmin when we want to make love.” Jaejoong smiled carefully.

Junsu elbowed Yoochun and gave a signal so that he looked at Yunho and Jaejoong. Both of them wheezed. “Yunpa, you told us that you gonna invited us to look for pirates, didn’t you?” Yoochun shouted.
“Ah… Yes, I did. Before we go, you will have known the pirates are very bad, dangerous, and scary. They have a captain who was called Captain Sooman Hook. Yet, Sooman is afraid of crocodile due to the crocodile have eaten his wrist. Sooman and his pirates are alike. We must take carefully,” Yunho explained. The lost boys nodded. “We keep track the pirates forward the clouds. Don’t disperse. Stay closer together. You do understand, don’t you?” Yunho said and the lost boys nodded again.
“Yunpa, when we’re going to go?” the lost boy asked.
“After you finish your breakfast,” Yunho replied.
“We have done, Yunpa! We want to go now,” the lost boys yelled.
Yunho grimaced. “Well, if you have done, we will fly now,” Yunho said. He took Jaejoong in his arm and armed him deeply. “Hold me, Jaejoong,” Yunho whispered him.
They flew away and got higher and higher. They flew on the clouds and met some fairies on the way.
“Look! Is that the pirate’s ship?” Yoochun pointed beneath to a ship, which was sailing.
“Yes, that’s. Let we look for a place to watch them closely,” Yunho said. Then, they landed on a cloud that was huge and comfort.
“What are they doing?” Jaejoong asked. Yunho took his telescope out. He used it to watch what the pirates were doing. The pirates had kidnapped the princess of mermaids, Tiger Dara!
“What is going on?” Jaejoong asked again.
“He has kidnapped Tiger Dara! She’s the princess of mermaids,” Yunho told them. The lost boys grumbled and asked for Yunho to safe Tiger Dara soon. Luckily, there was no Captain Sooman there. There were only his slaves. They tied up Tiger Dara and left her alone on a lagoon.
“Set her free!” Yunho ordered in a voice that shouted just like Captain Sooman.
“Yet, you ordered us to bring her here,” the pirates, yelled.
“Set her free!” Yunho ordered again. Then, they got off Tiger Dara and set her free. She swam back to the sea.
Jaejoong looked at Yunho astonished. “Why?” Yunho asked.
“You just look….greater,” Jaejoong repaid shyly. His face was going crimson.
Yunho grimaced. “Thanks,” he said softly.
“Look! Captain Sooman is coming! He looks so angry,” the lost boys screamed.
Yunho watched carefully. Captain Sooman looked so angry to the pirates. Even he shot one of the pirates with his pistol and threw him to the sea.
“He’s very wicked,” Jaejoong mumbled. He really didn’t like to Captain Sooman no more.
“Yeah. That is why you all must be careful. He can kidnap one of us off-the-cuff,” Yunho told them carefully. They nodded.
Yunho watched Captain Sooman closely again. His face turned to pale. His body became stiff. “What’s happened?” Jaejoong asked.
“He has known that I set Tiger Dara free,” Yunho replied shocked.
“NO!” they screamed.
“We’re going to go home now!” Yunho ordered.
Then, they flew back to their house. Yunho looked so afraid. Jaejoong realized what Yunho felt. He hugged him to calm himself down. “I wanna talk to you. May I?” Jaejoong asked. Yunho nodded weakly. Yunho asked to talk in their bedroom.
“It’s very bad. Captain Sooman will watch out to us. He could be hurt one of us. I am afraid. I am afraid if he would hurt you or the lost boys. I…” Yunho cried out deeply.
“Stay calm, Yunho. Everything will be all right. I believe that you can keep us safely. Okay? I always stand beside you. I won’t ever leave you alone,” Jaejoong said carefully.
“Thanks, Jaejoong,” Yunho said.
After that accident, Yunho ordered the lost boys not to leave home. They must stay at home every day. Only Yunho and Changmin who allowed going out due to they had to find some foods for them. He always watched out around. He determined that no one of the pirates who watched them closer.


“This is enough!” Captain Sooman roared. “I’m too nauseated for Yunho Pan. He always defeats all my plans! I wanna take average to him!” Captain Sooman screamed.
“Captain, I hear that Yunho Pan has a close friend. His name is Jaejoong Darling. What will happen if we kidnap him and the lost boys? We hostage them and you can order Yunho Pan to give up,” Kyu Hyun, one of the pirates, told him.
“Ah yeah… You’re right. If we kidnap his close friend and the lost boys, Yunho Pan will come to us. Moreover, I can order him to go out from Neverland,” Captain Sooman smirked slyly.
“Besides, we can make his close friend and the lost boys to be our slaves!” Yesung, the other of the pirates, suggested slyly. They all cheered for their sly plans.
“We’re going have to make a party before we kidnap them tomorrow,” Captain Sooman shouted happily.
“Ye ye ye! The end of Yunho Pan will be come!” the pirates cheered.


“Jaema, why does Yunpa ask us to stay at home? We’re too bored,” the lost boys fed up.
“You shall not like this, dears. Your appa worries you all. He worries if Captain Sooman and his pirates disturb us. He does it because he cares with us,” Jaejoong advised them.
“Yet, we’re very bored, Jaema. We need playing outside,” the lost boys fed up more.
Jaejoong took a deep breath. He looked at Changmin, who didn’t join with Yunho to find some foods, for a hand. Changmin shook his head weakly. Jaejoong couldn’t let the lost boys playing outside while Yunho wasn’t at home.
“I’m so sorry, but I can’t. You must wait for Yunho. You have to beg his permission by yourself,” Jaejoong said. The lost boys were anxious.
When Yunho came home, the lost boys persuaded him so that they could play outside. Yunho touched looking their frustration. He sighed mercifully. “Well, you can play outside. Yet, you must be carefully. Don’t play further,” Yunho told them.
“Aye aye, Yunpa!” the lost boys shouted happily.
“Changmin, please keep them up, won’t you?” Yunho asked to Changmin. Changmin nodded.

Jaejoong looked so hesitated. He felt something annoying. He hesitated that Yunho let the lost boys playing outside. “Yunho-ya, are you sure that you let them to play outside?” Jaejoong asked unbelief.
“Actually, I’m not,” Yunho replied deeply.
“Why do you let them?”
“I just feel mercy with them.”
Jaejoong came more closer and hugged Yunho. “Oh, my dear. You are a kind-hearted person. At least, I hope your choice is the best for us,” Jaejoong whispered. He kissed Yunho’s nape gently.
Yunho kissed Jaejoong roughly. Jaejoong tufted Yunho’s hair while Yunho kissed him. Yunho slipped his hand beneath Jaejoong’s t-shirt. He drew Jaejoong to the bed and placed his face downward on Jaejoong’s body.
“I do love you more, Jaejoong,” Yunho whispered. Then he sucked Jaejoong’s nape and made some red marks. His hand looked for Jae’s staff and crushed it gently.
Jaejoong got off from Yunho and sighed. “You may not do this. You are tiring. I don’t want you more tired. You should take a rest,” Jaejoong said.
Yunho cooed and laid his body. “You’re right. I hope it ends early,” Yunho mumbled.
Jaejoong smiled hopefully. He laid beside Yunho and embraced him. “Of course I do.”


After Yunho went out to look for some foods, the lost boys played outside. They looked so happy. Besides, Changmin watched them carefully.
The pirates watched Jaejoong and the lost boys closely. They were waiting for the right time to catch them. After awhile, the pirates moved stealthily for the lost boys, who were playing. They prepared their equipments. Then they caught them off-the-cuff. They chased each other. Yet, the lost boys had been failed. The pirates caught Jaejoong too. Changmin didn’t do anything to save them. He was too shocked. He just hid in the branch.
Then, Changmin told Yunho what had happened. Yunho looked so angry since Changmin failed to save Jaejoong and the lost boys. He really worried about Jaejoong and the lost boys. He flew to go to Captain Sooman’s ship. Changmin went along behind Yunho. He looked so regretted due to he couldn’t save Jaejoong and the lost boys.
“Changmin-ah, you go to watch what Captain Soonman and his pirates were doing. I have a plan to defeat him and saved Jaejoong and the lost boys!” Yunho shouted. Then, he flew differing way.


Captain Sooman and the pirates mocked Jaejoong. They called him as an abnormal guy for Jaejoong had a relationship with Yunho.
“Would you be my pretty boy, Jaejoong Darling? I’m better than Yunho to fuck you,” Captain Sooman teased. He caressed Jaejoong’s pale face and licked his ear. Jaejoong kept quiet. He couldn’t fight against him because he was tied up. The lost boys that were tied up kept quiet too. They didn’t do anything for Yunho was going to save them.
Changmin, who was hiding, feel so mercy but he couldn’t do anything. He just watched Jaejoong and the lost boys were mocked by Captain Sooman and his pirates. Kyu Hyun, one of the pirates, instead tried to kiss Jaejoong but he always dodged. He held back his tears and believed that Yunho would come to save them. He just waited for his beloved one.

“Hey, Sooman Hook! Long time no see, huh?!” someone yelled. They all looked forward and saw Yunho that was flying.
“Hello, my old friend. I know you will come to save your pretty boy and the lost boys, don’t you?” Captain Sooman welcomed smilely.
“Yes, I do. So, let you set them free!” Yunho ordered. Captain Sooman laughed slyly and shook his head.
“Do you order me to set them free? Well, I will have done but you must give up before. I’m going to kick you out from Neverland,” Captain Sooman told Yunho slyly.
“What the hell! I won’t. Let’s become a gentleman. I want you fighting against me. If you won, I would go out from Neverland and you could take my pretty boy and the lost boys as your slaves,” Yunho said believably.
Jaejoong, the lost boys, and Changmin looked at Yunho unbelievable. Yunho had staked them! They tried to trust that Yunho was going to win. Yunho won certainly. Yet, it wasn’t for Changmin. He still shocked. He went out from his hiding and looked at Yunho angrily.
“You’re a sucker, Yunho Pan! I think you won’t ever say it. I am disappointed!” Changmin cried out.
Captain Sooman saw at Changmin quickly and shocked. “A fairy! Catch it quickly!” he ordered. Shindong, the fattest of the pirates, caught Changmin soon and brought him to his captain.
“Let him free, Sooman!” Yunho roared shocked, but Sooman didn’t notice him. Sooman instead smiled slyly.
“Fairy’s gold powder can make someone flies. I guess it’s the reason why Yunho Pan can fly, right?” Captain Sooman said.
“Don’t hurt him! Don’t hurt my fairy!” Yunho screamed and almost cried.
Yet, Sooman shook Changmin in order to the powder spread around him. Sooman began flying slowly and smirked at Yunho. “Let’s fight as a man, Yunho Pan,” Captain Sooman grimaced.
Jaejoong and the lost boys were frustration. They worried about Yunho. Then, Captain Sooman threw Changmin roughly to the floor. Changmin’s shine began to overcast.
Yunho, who had been very angry, put his sword outside. Captain Sooman did similar to Yunho. Then, they began fighting. Meanwhile, Jaejoong cried deeply. He worried too much about Yunho. He knew that Sooman was stronger than Yunho now. He remembered Changmin told him once that the gold powder could make someone got stronger if that person was happily and got lower if that person was frustrated or sad. Both Yunho and Captain Sooman were in that condition. Yunho was frustration while Captain Sooman was happily. It wasn’t an unfair match. There was something, which could make Yunho happy. Yet, he didn’t know what it was.
“Hold out, Yunho,” Jaejoong cried deeply. The lost boys also cried. Meanwhile, the pirates laughed and mocked them.
“You are a baby!” Kyu Hyun mocked. The other pirates laughed loudly. “By the way, you’re so beautiful when you’re crying, Jae-ah,” Kyu Hyun seduced slyly.
“Mother fuck you are,” Jaejoong mumbled. Kyu Hyun grimaced and caressed Jaejoong gently.
Meanwhile, Yunho began more tired. Captain Sooman hit on and on him. Some parts on Yunho’s body got gaudy. He couldn’t ward off Sooman’s blows. Then he had no energy anymore and fell down to the sea.
“NO!! YUNHO PAN!!” Jaejoong and the lost boys cried loudly. Yunho had been defeated. Yunho had passed away. Yunho didn’t fulfill his promise not to leave them.
“Hoorrraayyy!!! Our Captain wins! He has defeated Yunho Pan! He killed Yunho Pan!” the pirates yelled. They jumped and laughed while Jaejoong and the lost boys cried.
“This is the end of Yunho Pan! We are the mighty of Neverland now!” Captain Sooman shouted. He flew aroung happily. He enjoyed of the deceased one of Yunho Pan.

“Why do you look so happy, Sooman Hook?” Captain Sooman turned aroung and saw Yunho flew beneath the sea.
“It’s impossible,” Captain Sooman mumbled shocked. “You have died, Yunho Pan! I killed you!” he roared.
“You never kill me. You just make me falling to the sea. You know, when I fell to the sea, I found something which can defeat you,” Yunho grimace. (“You are stupid boy, Yunho Pan,” Jaejoong and the lost boys cried shocked and happily.)
“What do you mean?” Captain Sooman asked afraid.
Yunho smirked then he whistled. Something, which was big, moved beneath the sea. It moved soon. Captain Sooman realized what it was.
“No!! The crocodile! No!” he screamed. He was fear and then, he fell slowly to the sea. “No!! Don’t fall down!! Help me!!” he screamed for a hand. Yet, no one could help him and he fell down to the sea. The crocodile fed him and went away.
“No! Captain Sooman!!” the pirates screamed shocked. They also fell their selves to the sea and passed away inside.

Yunho landed immediately and put off Jaejoong and the lost boys. He took Changmin, who didn’t shine anymore.
“Please wake up, Changmin. Don’t leave me alone,” Yunho cried. Jaejoong embraced to support him. “Changmin, wake up. I know you’re still alive. Come on,” Yunho moaned.
“Yunpa, is Changmin okay?” Junsu asked carefully.
“Yunpa, why does Changmin not shine?” Yoochun asked.
“What’s happening? Changmin is alive, isn’t he?” the other lost boys asked. Neither Yunho nor Jaejoong answered them. Yunho kept crying.
“Changmin-ah, please always keep the faith. You promise it. Always keep the faith, Changmin-ah. Don’t leave us. Don’t leave me. You must keep the faith, Changmin-ah,” Yunho cried deeply. His tears sprinkled on Changmin’s body. Suddenly Changmin’s body began shining. Yunho shocked. He could feel his fairy’s temperature warmer. The shine of Changmin lit up. Changmin moved slowly on Yunho’s palm.
“Changmin-ah,” Yunho mumbled. “Can you hear me? Are you alright?” he asked.
Changmin opened his eyes slowly. “What’s going on?” he moaned.
“You’re alive!” Yunho shouted happily. He flew off-the-cuff and hugged Changmin roughly. “I know you always keep the faith. You won’t leave us. I do fond you, Changmin-ah!” he yelled happier.
“Get me off, crazy boy,” Changmin replied bewildered. He flew out from Yunho’s hugging. “Let’s go home. We must celebrate it!” Jaejoong suggested. The lost boys shouted agree.
“Have Sooman passed away?” Changmin asked.
“Yes, he has! Moreover, his pirates have too!” Yoochun replied. Changmin flew around happily.
Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin, and the lost boys made their victory. They invited many fairies, wizard, mermaids, and the others.
Suddenly Yunho asked Jaejoong to follow him. They went to their bedroom. Yunho closed the door when they were beneath the bedroom. Yunho smiled stupidly to Jaejoong.
“We shall own our party, shall not we?” Yunho seduced.
“Oh my naughty boy,” Jaejoong grumbled. He came closer to Yunho.
Yunho embraced him roughly and kissed him. “Would you stay with me forever?” Yunho whispered.
“Yes, I will. I belong with you forever, Yunho,” Jaejoong replied.
“Always keep the faith,” Yunho whispered.
“Always keep the faith,” Jaejoong promised. Yunho drew Jaejoong off-the-cuff. They made their own party on the bed fondly.


“I’m right that Jaejoong can be a good mother, aren’t I?” Yunho said.
“Yes, you’re right whereas I wasn’t sure when you told me about that,” Changmin said appearenced.
“What do you think about him?”
“I like him. I hope he always be with us forever.”
“I do. Moreover, I do love him. I was going crazy if he left us.”
“He hasn’t ever left us. I’m really sure about that.”
“At least, Sooman and his pirates won’t disturb us anymore.”
“Of course they won’t. We can live happily now. It’s a happy ending, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is.”

They feel the affection each other. They always keep the faith forever. They have promised it. Moreover, YunJae is real. Yunjae is everlasting, Yunjae is not only in Neverland but also everywhere, everytime, everything, and forever.


Well, this fanfiction has ended. I was sad when I imagined that YunJae said ‘always keep the faith’ together. In fact, they have separated. I miss them too much. I hope I can see many Yunjae’s moments soon. Besides, I miss tvxq as 5 too 
Nevertheless, don’t be silent readers, do you? I need your comments in order to I can fix my false ^^

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Title: Keep Your Head Down
Song: DBSK – Keep Your Head Down
Genre: Sad Romance
Rating: +13
-Park Jung Min SS501
-Shim Sekyong

Park Jung Min POV

I didn’t even start yet
(We broke up) I haven’t even heard the reason yet
Everyone keep asking me I’m like this
Why are you like that, why are you like this
I’m already a bad guy

Aku terlalu frustasi untuk mempertahankan hubunganku dengan Shim Sekyong. Setiap kali kami bertemu selalu diakhiri pertengkaran. Mungkin kami memang bukan jodoh.
Awalnya semua terasa begitu menyenangkan. Aku rasa kalian mengerti bagaimana perasaan seseorang yang baru berpacaran, kan? Semua jadi begitu indah. Kami selalu mengucapkan satu sama lain untuk selalu bersama. Sekyong selalu mengatakan bahwa ia akan selalu bersamku. Apapun keadaanya.
Itu semua ‘awalnya’. Tujuh tahun berlalu, semua tidak seindah dulu. Seperti yang kukatakan tadi, tiap kali kami bertemu selalu diisi pertengkaran-pertengkaran yang tidak mempunyai alasan yang cukup jelas. Menurutku, saat ini baik aku maupun Sekyong sama-sama menjadi egois. Mungkin saja ia sudah bosan denganku. Tapi aku tak pernah bosan dengannya. Aku hanya muak dengan sikapnya yang selalu bermanja-manja ria.
Well, hari ini aku akan bertemu dengannya lagi. Hanya berkencan biasa (yang mungkin diakhiri pertengkaran). Aku sudah mengusahakan penampilanku sesempurna mungkin agar ia tidak memarahiku lagi. Tapi jika hal itu terjadi, aku tidak segan-segan untuk mengakhiri hubunganku dengan Sekyong. Aku tidak butuh yeoja yang hanya bisa bermanja-manja.

(If it’s a sin) If loving you was a sin
(If that was a sin) If being genuine is a sin
(I’ll keep it low, I’ll keep it low)
I hold it in and stand my ground

Aha! Seharusnya aku tahu ini akan terjadi. Aku memang harus mengakhiri hubunganku. Itu yang terbaik untuk saat ini.
Ketika aku datang, Sekyong langsung memarahiku. Alasannya karena aku telat lima menit. Bunga yang aku berikan padanya dibuang begitu saja dihadapan orang banyak. Aku sudah dipermalukan! Dan saat itu juga aku memutuskan untuk mengakhiri semuanya. Aku meninggalkan Sekyong sendiri dan tak peduli ia memohon-mohon supaya aku tidak meninggalkannya. Aku terlalu muak mendengar semua alibinya. Lebih baik jika aku melupakannya, bukan? Tentu saja.

I was always satisfied with having you
I was happy to dream, the same as you
No matter what they said, I had to let you go
But I’m just walking my path anyway
Now I’m just chillin’, feel like I’m healing

Aku selalu bahagia memiliki Sekyong sebagai bagian dari hidupku. Aku senang jika bermimpi menjadi dirinya. Menghayal bagaimana ia menghayalkan aku setiap harinya. Menghayalkan dirinya merindukan aku. Tapi semua itu sudah berakhir. Orang bilang sangat disayangkan aku mengakhiri hubunganku yang sudah berjalan cukup lama. Aku tidak peduli. Aku punya hak untuk membiarkannya pergi dan menghilang. Aku bisa menjalani hidupku sendiri. Aku berusaha untuk terbiasa, dan aku tahu itu akan baik-baik saja.

It’s too late
You said you can’t come back
You’ve always believed that I’d
crumble without you
That’s a misunderstanding
Why would I do that? Why, why
I told you I wouldn’t

Semua sudah terlambat untuk kembali. Aku akan baik-baik saja walaupun Sekyong menyumpahi bahwa aku tidak bisa hidup tanpa dirinya dan ia tidak bisa hidup tanpa aku. Tapi lihat sekarang. Aku baik-baik saja. Ia juga baik-baik saja, mungkin ia sudah mendapat namjachingu yang baru. Ia juga tidak pernah berpikir untuk bunuh diri karena aku meninggalkannya.
Kalaupun ia memintaku untuk kembali padanya, aku dengan senyum lebar akan dengan senang hati menolaknya. Aku senang dengan hidupku yang sekarang.

Ha! Don’t play with people like that
In front of me, all you do’s speak of lies
You’re such a two-faced person

Jangan pernah sekalipun kalian bermain-main dengan orang sejenis Sekyong. Semua yang ia katakan padaku tidak lebih dari sebuah kebohongan. Tak ada gunanya ia berjanji akan menjadi yeoja yang baik untukku. Lihat saja sekarang! Aku tidak mungkin meninggalkannya jika ia tidak bersikap menjijikkan seperti itu. Ia tahu aku tidak suka yeoja yang hanya bermanja-manja ria, yeoja yang akan marah-marah jika namjachingu nya tidak datang tepat waktu. Tapi apa yang dilakukannya? Ia malah bersikap seperti itu. Mungkin ia memang ingin mengakhirinya juga dengan cara seperti ini. Orang munafik.

Since when did our crystal-like feelings because so opaque?
Our love has ended
I’ve let you go
And now my heart is empty

Aku sadar semua sudah berakhir. Aku sudah rela ia pergi dan tak memunculkan mukanya dihadapanku lagi. Apapun yang akan dilakukannya, aku tidak akan peduli. Dan sekarang hatiku menjadi kosong. I know it will be better after a while. I recognize it well.

But my future is gesturing towards me
to get up and smile
I’m letting you go, live happily
One day far from now, far from now,
I want to just smile comfortable

Tapi masa depanku sudah terbentang dihadapanku dimana aku bisa melihat diriku terbangun dari semua omong kosong ini dan tersenyum. Aku membiarkan Sekyong pergi dan membiarkannya untuk hidup bahagia tanpa aku. Aku bukan namja yang baik untuknya. Ini seperti dongeng saja, hanya berbeda akhirnya. Mungkin dihatiku yang terdalam masih tersisa sedikit sakit. Tapi suatu hari yang jauh dari sekarang, aku dapat tersenyum dengan nyaman tanpa satupun masalah soal percintaan.

Park Jung Min POV end

Shim Sekyong POV

You let go our love so easly
Did you ever think that someone would get worried?
I don’t think you know yet
Exactly just what you let go of
Just remain there and watch me grow

Siapa pernah menyangka Jungmin akan meninggalkan aku seperti ini? Ini sungguh diluar akal sehatku. Bagaimana ia bisa melakukan hal itu? Apa aku berbuat sesuatu yang salah? Apa ia sudah tidak mencintaiku lagi? Tapi mengapa? Aku masih mencintainya.
Tapi bagaimanapun juga semua sudah berakhir. Mungkin ini memang yang terbaik. Mungkin aku tidak ditakdirnya bersamanya. Tapi tetap saja hati ini sakit. Kalau ia bisa meninggalkan aku begitu tragisnya, aku juga harus bisa. Tentu saja aku bisa. Suatu saat nanti, ia akan melihat aku baik-baik saja walaupun ia tidak peduli denganku. Dan aku tak pernah berharap untuk kembali kepada namja yang dengan mudahnya mencampakkan aku.

Keep your head down
Erased, disappeared, you’ve burned to death in my heart
Keep your head down
Erased, disappeared, you’ve died in my heart
And you no longer exist

Aku harus bisa melupakan Jungmin, menghapus semua kenangan yang ada. Aku tidak boleh stres atau apapun. Aku tahu aku harus bisa menjalani hidupku sebelum Jungmin hadir. Ia sudah terbakar dalam kematian jauh didalam hatiku. Jungmin sudah mati dihatiku. Dan ia tak akan pernah lagi muncul dihidupku.


FF 2S/Letter Love For You (II)/PG13

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“DONG WOON!!!” teriakku saat mengenali namja itu. Dong Woon langsung melepas yeoja itu dan berlari mengejarku.
“Hyun Ri~ya! Tunggu!” Aku tak menghiraukan panggilannya.
Aku terus berlari, tidak memperdulikan arah yang kulalui. Dong Woon terus memanggilku sambil meminta maaf tapi aku tak memperdulikannya. Aku terus berlari tanpa arah.

Disana aku melihat Seung Ri, aku langsung berlari ke arahmya dan memeluknya. Aku menangis dalam pelukannya.
“Waeyo, Hyun Ri~ssi?” tanyanya. Aku hanya menangis, aku belum sanggup berkata-kata. Seung Ri mengajakku duduk. “Sekarang ceritakan padaku ada apa,”
“Namja… chinguku..” kataku sambil tersendat-sendat.
“Dong Woon,”
“Omo! Dia namja chingumu? Tapi dia selalu bersama Jin Ah,”
“Aku melihatnya bersama seorang yeoja sedang….” Aku menangis lagi.
“Sudahlah, lupakanlah Dong Woon. Buat apa kau menangisi namja sepertinya,” kata Seung Ri sambil memeluk pundakku.
“Tapi aku mencintainya oppa,”
“Babo! Mau ditambahin hukumannya?” Seung Ri melotot padaku.
“Mwo? Sirheo! Apa hubungannya Dong Woon denganmu?!”
“Makanya lupain Dong Woon, babo,” Seung Ri mengacak-acak rambutku lalu pergi. “Jangan lupa surat cintanya,”
Aku memang harus melupakan Dong Woon. Aku kecewa padanya. Hatiku lesu menjalani hari ini.

Sepulang sekolah, aku langsung membanting diriku di tempat tidur. Ingin rasanya aku menangis lagi, tapi aku malas untuk menangisi Dong Woon. Aku mengambil kertas dan mulai merangkai surat cinta untuk Seung Ri. Beda dengan kemarin, hari ini ide-ide ku lebih banyak muncul. Hanya 5 menit yg aku butuhkan untuk menulis surat cinta untuk namja babo sepertinya. Why it is so easy?

15 July 2010 @school

Semua murid-murid peserta MOS sudah berkumpul di aula. Aku gugup karena suratku. Mudah-mudahan itu namja tidak menyuruhku membacanya di depan semua murid.
“Annyeong hassaeyo,” sapa Seo Hyun, salah satu anggota OSIS. “MOS kalian sudah akan berakhir hari ini. Kegiatan akan diisi dengan refleksi dan sebagainya…..” Belum selesai Seo hyun bicara, Seung ri merebut microfon yg dipegang Seo Hyun.
“Hyun Ri~ya! Tolong ke depan,” Aku maju ke tempat Seung Ri. “Sudah selesai surat cintanya?” Aku mengangguk. “Sekarang bacakan!”
“Mwo? Sirheo!” sahutku. Ternyata perasaanku benar.
“Yaa! Cepat kau bacakan sekarang!” perintah Seung Ri.
“Sirheo! Kalau mau baca saja sendiri,”
Seung Ri terdiam sebentar. “Ne, mana suratnya?” Aku menyerahkan suratku. “Oppa…” ia mulai membaca.
“Yaa! Andwae. Jangan baca depan umum!” sahutku.
“Diam babo! Mau aku cium?” Aku pun terdiam.

“Oppa…” Seung Ri memulai. “It’s not the me you knew before, brand new sound. Together with this renewed me, one more round. Dance ’till we run this town. Hey oppa look at me, just look at me,” aku merasakan wajahku memerah. “It’s the first time I spoken like this. I fixed my hair and put on make up too. Why do you only not notice me?” Seung Ri melirik ke arahku. “Gurae? Tapi kenapa tetap jelek?” Aku menyikutnya karena telah mempermalukan aku.
Ia melanjutkan membaca, “My heart is beating. I just continue imagining. What should I do? having been so proud. i just want to tell you. I’m stupid things again. Oppa just listen to me. Stop saying other things. Don’t think of me just as younger sister. You’ll regret after a year.
“You don’t know my thoughts at all. You don’t realize and just joke around. What should I do, you immature person. Just listen to me. Oh oppa, I love you, a lot. It’s embrassing so don’t laugh. It’s the truth so don’t make it fun either. If you do that again, I might just crying,”

“Lama banget. Udahin aja hyung,” kata salah seorang teman ku. Aku menatap temanku dengan pandangan terima kasih.
“Push up 100 kali,” perintah Seung Ri. Temanku yg tidak berani melawan menurutinya. Ia melanjutkan membaca suratku.
“I’m not the person you knew before. Something about my heart is different today. Down put it off! Just get mad! Oppa if you keep this up, tell me you love it,” Seung Ri mengakhirinya. Ia menatapku dengan tajam yg membuatku malah merinding.

Tiba-tiba ia memelukku dan mengecup keningku. “This’s embrassing just for you. And it never be a fun either. Would you be my girlfriend, Hyun Ri~ssi?” Aku terkejut mendengar kata-katanya. Bagiku, perlu beribu tahun untuk memahami maksudnya.
“Jebal. Be my girl friend,” pintanya. Aku bisa merasakan semua mata tertuju padaku dan Seung Ri.
“Ne. Aku mau,” bisikku.
Aku mendorong tubuhnya dengan muka cemberut. “Dasar namja babo! Aku kan sudah bilang ‘iya”‘ jawabku. Semua orang yg berada di aula bertepuk tangan. Beberapa ada yg mengucapkan “chukkaeyo chingu!”
“Jeongmal gomawo, Jagiya. Neo hanaman saranghanikka,” kata Seung Ri.
“Aku menggenggam tangan Seung Ri. “Nado saranghe, Oppa,”


mianhe surat cintanya pke lagu snsd oh! maklum saya ga pengalaman bkin kata” cinta wkwkwk..

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